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When you open a new tab in Chrome, there are several different ways you can configure what appears. You can have it show you frequently visited sites, news headlines, or maybe you prefer to keep things simple and leave it plain. But if you enjoy images, Chrome allows you to choose a curated picture from Google or set your own. Here is a look at how to customise the background when you open a new tab in Chrome.

Set Your Own Background to a New Tab in Chrome
To get started launch Chrome and open a new tab page. Then click on Settings (gear icon) in the lower-right corner of the page. A menu will come up with some options to customise the page. You can either choose from curated Chrome backgrounds or upload your own.

Click on “Chrome backgrounds” to see Google’s collection which contains hundreds of different landscapes, NASA images from space and other thematic photos. It also offers you simple solid background colours.

You can also make things more personalised by choosing your own photo or image from your collection to set as the background. Select “Upload an image” from the menu and browse to the location of the image you want to use. Once you choose your image it will set itself as the background picture for the new tab page right away.