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data at rest
– Describes data in persistent storage such as hard disks, removable media or backups.
dictionary attack
– A type of brute force attack in which the attacker uses known dictionary words, phrases or common passwords as their guesses.
digital footprint
– A ‘footprint’ of digital information that a user’s online activity leaves behind.
denial of service (DoS)
– When legitimate users are denied access to computer services (or resources), usually by overloading the service with requests.
download attack
– The unintentional installation of malicious software or virus onto a device without the users knowledge or consent. May also be known as a drive-by download.

– A mathematical function that protects information by making it unreadable by everyone except those with the key to decode it.
end user device (EUD)
– Collective term to describe modern smartphones, laptops and tablets that connect to an organisation’s network.
– May refer to software or data that takes advantage of a vulnerability in a system to cause unintended consequences.

– Hardware or software which uses a defined rule set to constrain network traffic to prevent unauthorised access to or from a network.

Source: National Cyber Security Centre (a part of GCHQ)