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Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery
Last but certainly not least, a good cybersecurity plan focuses on more than prevention. It’s also concerned with mitigation. Should the worst happen and your business find itself under threat, how will you respond?

How will you notify victims and key stakeholders? Which personnel are responsible for addressing the issue, and how will they keep in touch with one another? What systems do you have in place to ensure access to critical assets is not lost as a result of an incident?

And lastly, what is your plan for restoring operability after an incident has passed?

Always Plan Ahead
The difference between a business that successfully weathers a cyber incident and one that does not is simple. The former has a plan that can stand up to real-world threats. The latter does not.

Understand the dangers facing your business and its data. Know the role of your staff in protecting against those dangers, and implement tools that allow them to do so. And finally, be ready for when a breach does occur – because the more prepared you are, the likelier you’ll get through it unscathed.