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Dropbox might have gotten its start in the consumer market, but over the past several years it’s made huge steps toward getting enterprise users comfortable with using its products. It’s managed to sign up more than 200,000 Dropbox Business users, who need more advanced controls over how their employees can access and share sensitive files and information on the cloud storage service.

Today the company is adding more features to its admin dashboard, which is part of its larger AdminX initiative. With the new AdminX, Dropbox hopes to provide a better user experience to the admins who provision accounts and set controls over who can access what.

The first thing the company did was to redesign the admin console to make it simpler to use. That was done to better match the consumer experience, while also ensuring that it has all the robust features that enterprise users need.

To improve security, Dropbox is also enabling admins to manage the amount of time employees can stay logged in and access files with new web session control features. It’s also allowing admins to specify certain teams with subdomain verification. By linking certain accounts or users to a subdomain, admins can better control who can access an enterprise’s Dropbox account.

Finally, Dropbox is improving the way enterprise customers can create and update passwords they use on its platform. Built into its site, the company will soon be unveiling a custom-built password strength generator that will allow admins to set parameters around, which could reduce team members from using passwords that are easily guessed.