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Hands On Among the most promising features of Windows 10 is Azure Active Directory join, which lets you sign into Windows with an Office 365 account – but Microsoft still has work to do before this presents the seamless experience you might expect.

There are two aspects to Azure AD sign-in with Windows 10. One is for administrators, who get the ability to manage Windows 10 PCs in the manner of mobile devices, with the ability to enforce security policies.

It can be used alongside Windows InTune, a cloud management service which lets admins monitor the health of PCs, control updates and install applications.

The other aspect is for users who want single sign-on so that once logged into their PC, they do not have the hassle of constantly re-entering passwords.

Office 365 email, based on the Exchange server and the Outlook client, generally works well, but Microsoft’s cloud document offering, based on SharePoint online, is more problematic.

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