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Online shoppers scouring the internet for deals during Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Christmas present a nice big juicy target for cyber criminals. From email phishing attempts to social media scams, hackers are continually coming up with new ways to fleece unwitting internet users. 

Numerous high-profile hacks in 2015, including TalkTalk, Experian and Ashley Madison, have brought the subject of data loss into the mainstream yet the allure of heavily discounted products may blind some consumers to the dangers of shopping online.

“More online transactions mean more opportunity for fraudulent behaviour,” warns Rashmi Knowles, chief security architect EMEA at security firm RSA.

Here are some ways to safe from cyber criminals while shopping online this year:

Be aware of phishing scam

Email phishing scams remain one of the most effective tools of the cyber criminal and while the process has remained the same for many years an increased focus on targeted attacks and social engineering means they are more dangerous – and convincing – than ever before.

“Online shoppers should be especially careful of emails they receive. Phishing campaigns that try to dupe consumers into giving away personal and financial information tend to rise during the holiday season,” says Lane Thames, security researcher at Tripwire.


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