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Businesses in the UK think the government should be more focused on helping them deal with cybersecurity issues. This is according to a new report from RedSeal, which says a sensitive political and business environment this year has deflected attention away from security.

Exactly 501 UK IT professionals, director level and above, were polled for the report.

Seven in ten IT bosses confirmed to have been hacked in the past year, the report states. A third thinks the government isn’t doing enough in terms of guidance or support, and a fifth doesn’t have a plan in case of a cyberattack. Moreover, two thirds think senior management should take cybersecurity more seriously next year.

The report also states that financial loss, loss of customers, as well as reputational damage, were the three biggest effects of cyberattacks.

“We commissioned this research to explore how prepared businesses are to continue operating during an attack. The number of high profile breaches has meant that 2018 has become the year where businesses are left wondering what more they can do to protect themselves, how to remain resilient, to keep operating and minimise customer damage,” said Ray Rothrock, CEO of RedSeal.

“Our research highlights the fact that that senior IT bosses want the UK government direct more attention, money and resource to supporting their businesses in the face of cyberattacks.

Source: IT Pro Portal