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More than a quarter of all emails received (31 per cent) every day are still unsafe, new research has claimed.

This is according to a report by Mimecast, which found there is still a huge amount of spam, but also malware, phishing, ransomware and other types of malicious activity in email services across the world.

After examining more than 45 million emails in a bit over a year, the company says many dangerous emails are still coming through, regardless of security measures set up, regardless of what type of email services is present, from cloud to hybrid to on-premise.

It does state, however, that using either Google’s or Microsoft’s services (in conjunction with its own service), the results could improve ‘substantially’.

“To achieve a comprehensive cyber resilience strategy, organisations need to first assess the actual capabilities of their current email security solution. Then, they should ensure there’s a plan in place that covers advanced security, data management and business continuity, as well as awareness training to the end user, which combined help prevent attacks and mitigate business impact,” said Ed Jennings, chief operating officer at Mimecast. “These quarterly Mimecast ESRA reports highlight the need for the entire industry to work toward a higher standard of email security.”

The hackers’ motives for attacks are all the usual ones – from stealing credentials, to trying to extort a ransom, to defrauding victims of corporate data and funds, to – in several cases – sabotage with the goal of completely destroying data.