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Apple’s first update for its just released iOS 11 upgrade is here. The new update irons out some of the early bugs found in the GM (golden master) release.

There are no new features, but there is a strong focus on fixing security issues in this release. Several areas affected by the update include: Bluetooth, CFNetwork Proxies, CoreAudio, Exchange ActiveSync, Heimdal, iBooks, Kernel, Keyboard Suggestions, libc, Webkit and a whole lot more.

So, it is strongly advised you grab this update as soon as you can. The new update applies to both iPhone and iPads.

Users running devices that support iOS 11.0.1 should upgrade right away because of all the security fixes included in this release. The update comes in at about 280 MBs, so it’s relatively small but make sure you connect to a speedy Wi-Fi network before you start the download.