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Underpinning both these challenges is the issue of finding the right expertise. And, as the threat environment evolves, this will become an even bigger problem for businesses. Of course, it’s not as simple as employing more staff – as well as headcount issues, organisations will also need to invest in keeping them up to speed on each of the clouds being used and an ever-changing threat landscape. It is not just a numbers game; organisations need to find the right type of expertise to counter they challenges faced in the contemporary threat landscape.

One route is to find a partner that can support with managing data security. This shouldn’t be viewed as outsourcing in the traditional sense, businesses have the ultimate responsibility to ensure their adherence to compliance regulations. But a partner with specialist insight into both the cloud and data security can help businesses access the expertise they need to ensure multiple clouds run smoothly and threats are minimised, while keeping up to date with the attack landscape. This also frees up resource to focus on more strategic business goals such as development, innovation, policy and educating staff on security.

Businesses are also often hesitant to release details of the breach they suffered, making it hard for others to learn from what happened. A specialist Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) partner will likely have seen many different types of breach before across multiple commercial and industry vectors, meaning they can apply this experience and improve protection.

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