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Office workers appear to have handled the transition to remote working remarkably well – with many not even remotely thrown off-balance. In fact, more than half are reportedly more productive than before lockdown measures were introduced.

This is according to a new report from virtual agency and consultant firm Hoxby, which states the results represent “welcome news”, with lockdown measures likely to be extended.

More than two thirds of office workers expect some form of remote work to continue for at least three months longer, and 59 percent wouldn’t be surprised if measures remained in place for another six months.

Almost two thirds (58 percent) reported enjoying the experience, mainly due to increased autonomy, and less than a fifth (19 percent) said they preferred the office.

The majority of workers also seem to be happier working from home. More than half believe it’s good for mental health and two thirds enjoy the fact that they get to spend more time with their family (this rises to 72 percent among those with young children).

For Hoxby Co-Founder Lizzie Penny, the results are “welcome reading”, because the quarantine has served to address key misconceptions about remote working.

“Changing working practices is about putting people, their lives, their work, their mental health, all of these things centre stage. I’m thrilled to have seen such positive outcomes after five weeks of lockdown and truly hope remote working becomes a big part of every organisation’s future,” she said.

Source: ITProPortal