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Source: Security Week    By: Eduard Kovacs

The number of entities impacted by the MOVEit attack carried out by a notorious cybercrime group now reportedly exceeds 340 organizations and 18 million individuals.

Brett Callow, a threat analyst at cybersecurity firm Emsisoft who has been monitoring the campaign, said over the weekend that he is aware of 347 impacted organizations, including 58 educational institutions in the United States. This includes Colorado State University, which last week confirmed that student and employee data may have been stolen.

Callow believes more than 18.6 million individuals had their data compromised as a result of the MOVEit hack. He warned that the cybercrime group that conducted the attack, known for its use of the Cl0p ransomware, is in possession of a massive quantity of data that could be useful for business email compromise (BEC) and phishing attacks.

The expert clarified for SecurityWeek that the number of impacted organizations includes both ones that were directly affected and ones that were indirectly hit. For instance, UK-based payroll and HR company Zellis was hit directly and major companies using Zellis services, such as the BBC and British Airways, were impacted indirectly.

In the meantime, the Cl0p group continues naming more alleged victims of the MOVEit attack on its leak website. The list now includes industrial giant Honeywell, which issued a statement on the matter in mid-June, when it confirmed that some personally identifiable information had been accessed through the MOVEit app.

SecurityWeek has reached out to Honeywell for any updates on the incident and will update this article if the company responds.

Another industrial company that has confirmed being hit by the MOVEit attack is Emerson. The firm told SecurityWeek last week that “no data containing sensitive information impacting our business or customers was accessed”.

Emerson also pointed out that only the system hosting MOVEit software was impacted — IT applications or infrastructure were not accessed or otherwise affected.

Siemens Energy and Schneider Electric have also been impacted.

Netscout has also been named on the Cl0p website, but the cybersecurity firm has not issued any statements and it has not responded to SecurityWeek.

Photography platform Shutterfly and several German banks have also confirmed being targeted.

The ransomware group has started publishing files stolen from many organizations that have refused to pay up. The hackers claim to have deleted all data stolen from impacted government agencies.

Huntress has been monitoring the MOVEit hack and reported recently that the cybercriminals did not appear to have deployed file-encrypting ransomware against any of the organizations targeted through this campaign.

The attack involved exploitation of a MOVEit software zero-day vulnerability that hackers may have known about since 2021.

Source: Security Week    By: Eduard Kovacs