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Mozilla could be rethinking the way it offers some features on Firefox. The company is rethinking its business to generate more revenue and introduce new sources of revenue for the business, and one of them could involve offering a subscription service on Firefox.

Mozilla’s CEO Chris Beard said in an interview with German media outlet T3N that the company is exploring the idea of introducing a new subscription service to Firefox. The service will offer premium tiers to some built-in features on the browser, like offering more bandwidth for the built-in VPN or even offering secure cloud storage built-in to the browser.

Details about the new subscription service is unknown, and Mozilla isn’t revealing the pricing details yet. The company plans to launch the new service by Fall, around October.

But here’s the best part: all the features that are currently on Firefox won’t change. That means Mozilla will continue to offer the same features as part of Firefox, and only introduce new premium tiers that users can access with the new subscription, without affecting the existing, free users of the browser.

Source: Posted by: Mehedi Hassan