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Right on schedule, a new Chrome release is ready to greet the world. Chrome 102 includes more enhancements for web apps, new keyboard shortcuts for tabs, and useful information about new online stores. Google released it on May 24, 2022.

Reorder Tabs With a Keyboard Shortcut

Chrome’s keyboard shortcuts are a great way to speed up your web navigation. Chrome 102 is adding some new shortcuts to the fold. You can now rearrange tabs without touching your mouse.

To move a tab, press Ctrl+Shift and Page Up or Page Down depending on which direction you want to move the current tab. Depending on your keyboard, you may need to also use the Function key to use Page Up or Page Down.

Web Apps Can Open Files

One of Google’s big areas of focus is making web apps feel more like native apps. Nearly every release includes some features to work toward this goal. Chrome 102 now allows web apps to open certain files.

We’re not talking about being able to open files from within the web app, though. Web apps can declare that they’re able to open certain files, then they can appear as an option in the “Open With” menu.

Better Navigation For Web Apps

Continuing the work on web apps, Chrome 102 includes a new API that makes it easier to navigate within web apps. The Navigation API makes it possible to more smoothly transition between pages without the entire page reloading.

Information About New Stores

Google is testing a feature that can detect when you’re visiting a web store you’ve never been to before and give you access to information about it. When you visit the store, a little notification asks if you’d like to see reviews for the store.

The feature is still in early testing but should be available in Chrome 102 at some point through the chrome://flags/#page-info-about-this-site flag.

Better Presentation Controls

Everyone seems to be doing more video meetings for work these days and Chrome 102 continues to try to improve that experience. A new feature allows you to control a presentation from a separate tab.

The idea is the controls for the presentation can be displayed in the tab where the video meeting is happening. The presentation can be put in a separate tab, allowing you to share that tab with the meeting, but stay in the meeting tab to see the people. You can test out this feature at the demo website.

What Else Is New?

Google now releases every version of Chrome every four weeks, which means big splashy features aren’t as frequent. There’s still a lot happening under the surface, though. You can read about many of these changes on Google’s developer site as well as on the Chromium blog. We’ll highlight a few changes here:

How to Update Google Chrome

Chrome will automatically install the update on your device when it’s available. To immediately check for and install any available updates, click the three-dot menu icon and click Help > About Google Chrome.

Source: HowToGeek