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Microsoft has rolled out a new, free tool to help you decide if your company should make the move. The Cloud Migration Assessment service walks you through an examination of your resources and cost-benefit analysis.

To get the tool you have to give Microsoft your name, contact information and the name of your company. That will lead to a follow up from Microsoft, but it may also land you on a mailing list.

Ultimately, Microsoft hopes you choose to make your data center a hybrid cloud. The transition from on-premises can present a ton of surprises, so it’s a worthwhile exercise for many companies. If nothing else, you’ll discover how much it will cost you, how to size your environment, analyze your workload configuration and what virtual machines you might want to use.

The cost calculations are being driven by Azure’s Hybrid Use Benefit, which lets you apply your existing Windows Server licenses with Software Assurance to Microsoft’s virtual machines in the cloud.

The assessment results in a customised report that you can view or export. It shows you a graph model of the costs to continue running a data center next to the costs of doing that work through Azure. Keep in mind that it’s using assumptions about how much an on-premises deployment costs. If you have data about the costs of your particular environment you can manually input those.

Download the Cloud Migration Assessment Tool here: