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The delayed Windows 10 April Update will arrive today, 30th April. In a blog post on Friday, Microsoft finally confirmed that the newly-renamed Windows 10 April 2018 Update, which used to be known as the ‘Spring Update’, will be available as a free download to users worldwide from 30 April, with a broader rollout kicking off on 8th May.

The Update was originally scheduled for release on 10 April but this was pulled after a significant ‘blocking’ bug that that caused an all-too-familiar ‘blue screen of death’ emerged.

The headline feature of Microsoft’s incoming update is Timeline, a long-promised feature that lets Windows users view recent activity from the past 30 days. It works across devices too, so you can pick up where you left off on your phone and pick it up on your desktop PC at a later date.

Focus Assist is another feature Microsoft is keen to talk-up, and the firm claims it’ll help to eliminate of web-based distractions that get in the way of productivity.

“Turn on Focus Assist whenever you want to get things done without distractions, like social media or other notifications,” Microsoft explains. “Or set it to turn on automatically at certain times during the day when you want focused time.”

Other notable incoming features include a new version of the Game Bar, improvements to Microsoft’s pushy Edge browser, enhancements for Cortana, simplified IT management tools for enterprise customers a bunch of other design related changes.

The Windows 10 April Update will also be up and running much quicker than previous builds – according to Microsoft, at least – as it will be far more capable of updating whilst still online for longer. It’s estimated that the update will take 30 minutes instead of the old 80-100 minutes.