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Microsoft have announced a major update to the Outlook app on Android and iOS, adding several top-requested calendar features that include:
– Synced shared calendars. You can now view and edit Office 365 calendars and then share them with others from within the app. (Re-accept any sharing invitations from Outlook on iOS or Android to jump-start the process on your device)

– Manage delegated calendars. Users who manage other people’s calendars can now do so directly from Outlook Mobile. You can now manage your delegates, accept a delegation request and fully view and edit delegated calendars.

– Event management. Outlook on both Android and iOS now supports improved event management with daily, weekly, monthly or yearly recurrences for events, RSVP for events along with the ability to see your coworkers availability (this was previously on iOS only)

Additionally, those using Outlook on iOS can now add a message when responding to a meeting invite, set events as private and mark calendar events as Busy, Free, Out of Office or Tentative.