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Pizza Hut Australia has fallen victim to a cyberattack resulting in unauthorized access and potential compromise of customer data.

DataBreaches has uncovered alarming details about this breach, with a hacking group known as ShinyHunters claiming responsibility for the attack.

According to the information obtained, ShinyHunters allegedly infiltrated Pizza Hut Australia’s systems approximately 1 to 2 months ago, leveraging Amazon Web Services (AWS) through multiple entry points.

Shockingly, they assert that they have exfiltrated over 30 million records, including customer orders and the personal information of more than 1 million customers.

What’s particularly concerning is that ShinyHunters allegedly operated stealthily without detection during the entire intrusion.

As evidence of their claims, ShinyHunters provided DataBreaches with two sample files.

The first file contained records of customer orders totaling 200,000 entries, each including a wide array of order details, customer information, and payment data.

The second file was a JSON file encompassing the personal details of 100,000 customers.

This file included sensitive information like names, email addresses, postal addresses, longitude, mobile phone numbers, passwords, service type (delivery or pickup), and even credit card numbers.

The credit card data was encrypted, and the passwords were hashed, but other fields were in plaintext.

DataBreaches spot-checked customer names to validate their claims and found matches with individuals in the corresponding geographic areas within the data samples.

ShinyHunters is demanding a ransom of $300,000.00 to delete the stolen data. It’s worth noting that ShinyHunters has a history of selling or leaking data when victims do not comply with their extortion demands.

Currently, Pizza Hut has not responded to ShinyHunters’ demands, leaving customers concerned about the safety of their personal information.

While the data breach is a significant security incident, no official notice on Pizza Hut Australia’s website alerting customers to this breach involving their credit card information.

DataBreaches (an organization that provides data and statistical analyses to Protenus for their Breach Barometer reports) has reached out to Pizza Hut Australia’s CEO, CFO, and COO for comments regarding the breach, inquiring whether they were aware of the security breach, if law enforcement or regulators had been informed, and if customers were notified.

As of the publication of this news, no responses have been received.

Source: GBHackers  By: Sujatha