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If you’ve got a Paypal account, keep your eyes peeled for the latest scam attempt to steal your personal details.

The Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC) is warning Aussies about malicious emails from scammers pretending to be from Paypal.

The scam email informs the victim that their Paypal account will be permanently disabled within 48 hours if they don’t ‘update account details’ and ‘activate [their] account’ with the link provided.

The link then takes you to a fake Paypal login webpage where details you enter will be captured by cyber criminals, the ACSC warned.

“If you receive the email: do not click on the link. Do not enter any information,” the ACSC said in a statement.

How to tell if the email isn’t from Paypal

Here are some key give-aways Paypal says we should all look out for:

– Generic greetings that don’t address you by name, such as “Dear user”

– False links: hover over a link or tap and hold it on a mobile device to see its destination

– Wrong, out of date or out of place logos or design

– Upsetting or urgent statements demanding you react immediately

– Bad spelling and grammar

– Requests for financial or personal information

If you receive this scam email, forward it to [email protected] and visit the Paypal website for more information on hoaxes, phishing and scams, the ACSC said.

“The people behind phishing emails are experts in manipulation,” Paypal warned on their website.

Source: Yahoo Finance