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Image: Thurrott

Apple launched a new 13-inch MacBook Pro yesterday. Cupertino announced the new 13-inch MacBook Pro, and although it’s a fairly minor update, it includes a major change to the design of the device.

The new 13-inch MacBook Pro finally features a reliable keyboard design. It comes with Apple’s new Magic Keyboard, which the company first debuted with the 16-inch MacBook Pro in late 2019 and later brought to the refreshed MacBook Air earlier this year. With the newest update to the MacBook Pro, all of Apple’s latest MacBook devices now feature the company’s new Magic Keyboard design.

Apple’s new Magic Keyboard design offers 1mm key travel and uses scissor-switch keys. The departure from its controversial butterfly keyboard design has been good for Apple so far — on the 16-inch MacBook Pro that I have, for example, the keyboard is significantly better than the older MacBook devices with the butterfly keyboard.

Apart from the new keyboard design, though, there are also some other internal upgrades. We were actually expecting Apple to launch the new MacBook Pro with a slightly bigger display but looks like Apple is not yet ready to bring the bigger display to the smaller MacBook Pro just yet.

The new 13-inch variant comes with Intel’s 10th-gen processors, which Apple claims allow for up to 80% boost in graphics performance. Apple says users upgrading from a dual-core processor will see a 2.8x boost in performance on the new MacBook Pro. Apple is also doubling the storage on the new MacBook Pro, with the entry-level variant now coming with 256GB storage. In fact, you can now get up to 4TB of SSD storage on the new MacBook Pro.

For memory, Apple is now offering 16GB of faster 3733MHz memory as a standard configuration on select models. And for the first time ever, Apple is offering a 32GB RAM option on the 13-inch MacBook Pro.

Apple’s new MacBook Pro is available for purchase today, starting at $1,299. Students can get the new device for $1,199.

Source: Thurrott