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After launching iOS 17.4.1 last week, Apple has released a small update in macOS 14.4.1 that contains numerous bug fixes that have plagued Mac users during the month of March. Apple’s release notes state that the following bugs have been addressed in the update:

  • USB hubs connected to external displays may not be recognised.
  • Copy-protected Audio Unit plug-ins designed for professional music apps may not open or pass validation.
  • Apps that include Java may quit unexpectedly.

Those listed bugs address most of the major bugs that have surfaced after the macOS 14.4 update that arrived on March 7. The only other bug not listed involves a version of a file not saving when added to iCloud Drive. However, Apple likely fixed this as well either through the update or a server-side iCloud fix.

In addition to the bug fixes, macOS 14.4.1 also includes . Apple declined to release details on the security updates when iOS 17.4.1 arrived last week but has now shared information about the patches, which affect CoreMedia and WebRTC.

To update to macOS 14.4.1, open System Settings, then select General, then Software Update, and click Update Now.

Source: MacWorld   By: Michael Simon


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