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Apple will finally – after many years of preparation – unveil its streaming video rival to Netflix in a “special event” at the company’s Steve Jobs Theater on Monday 25 March.

The invitations, sent out yesterday, feature the tagline “It’s show time” indicating that the long-rumoured service will finally be launched.

According to more recent rumours, the ‘Apple TV’ service will focus on the company’s original shows, which currently include little more than Planet of the Apps and Carpool Karaoke (?!?), but will pull together arguably better shows and films from the other services users subscribe to.

While Apple is said to be planning a “star-studded” launch, the Netflix-like service is reportedly facing opposition from the likes of HBO, Hulu and, of course, Netflix.

The issue centres around Apple’s proposed revenue split terms, which content providers believe are far too generous to Apple. The TV app will reportedly allow users to sign up to services rather than go through services’ own apps. Apple is said to be pushing for a 30 per cent cut on every customer that subscribes, at a time when online app store wars are forcing down such commissions.

Apple’s ‘Netflix for news’ service, is also expected to be unveiled on 25 March, but is facing similar resistance. The Wall Street Journal reported that Apple will charge $10 per month for an all-you-can-read subscription, and will demand a 50 per cent cut of the revenue from publishers for the privilege of delivering readers to them.

On top of that, publishers will be paid from the remaining $5 monthly sub in proportion to readership, meaning that they could be paid just pennies per article – while Apple pockets a guaranteed $5 every month.

While Apple’s TV-focused teaser suggests otherwise, recent rumours have claimed that the March event could also see the launch of some sundry Apple hardware, including Apple’s second-generation AirPods, the long-awaited AirPower charger and two new iPads; a new budget 9.7-inch model and the long-awaited iPad Mini 5.

The event will kick off at 5 pm UK time on 25 March and will be covered live by tech site Inquirer.

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