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We have been expecting Apple to release Mac devices with its own processors for a while now. Most recently, Apple was rumoured to be working on several Mac devices powered by its own processors for 2021.

Now, Bloomberg is reporting some more details on Apple’s own chips for Mac devices. The new project, codenamed Kalamata, is said to be Apple’s most ambitious computer chip initiative to date.

Apple is working on a total of three different processors for its Mac devices. The new ARM chips are said to be based on the same processor architecture we will see on the next iPhone, but they will be much more capable than the iPhone processor. The new 5-nanometer chip will offer a total of 12 cores, with eight high-performance cores and four energy-efficiency cores.

Apple is said to be exploring building Mac processors with more than 12 cores for the future. The new chip will likely be used on an entry-level MacBook device, and it could be years before Apple can introduce a more powerful MacBook Pro variant powered by its own processors.

Cupertino, like many other computer makers, has long relied on Intel for the processing power on their computers. However, with Intel struggling to consistently increase the performance of its processors in recent times, more companies are looking at alternatives. Most notably, Microsoft has been investing heavily on its Windows on ARM platform that is paving the way for new Windows devices powered by Qualcomm’s ARM processors.

Bloomberg claims Apple’s new Mac devices powered by its own processor will continue to run macOS. The company is apparently exploring ways to enable existing macOS apps to work on the new machines.

Source: Thurrott